Cannabis, Doobs & Tools ft. Brett Evans | 063

Cannabis, Doobs & Tools ft. Brett Evans | 063 This week we welcome entrepreneur and cannabis advocate Brett Evans to talk about his journey in the cannabis industry and how/why he created The Doob Tool. Terrence and Brett breaks down creating a prototype with duct...

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A Man & His Motivations ft. Matt Thomson | 062

A Man & His Motivations ft. Matt Thomson | 062 This week Matt Thomson, 1/3 of Placemaking 4G stops by to share his own personal #WHYHERE story. Terrence & Matt talk about what's harder: being a father or a husband, if "Work/Life Integration" a real thing, how has the...

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A Daye in the Life ft. Bradley Daye | 061

A Daye in the Life ft. Bradley Daye | 061 This week we welcome back friend of the show and 1/3 of Placemaking 4G, Bradley Daye. We start by sending prayers & condolences to the Baroh family, who lost seven children in a Halifax fire. Ironically enough, Terrence was...

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Optimistically Depressed ft. Ruth McMullen | 060

Optimistically Depressed ft. Ruth McMullen | 060 This week we welcome back Ruth McMullen to tell us all about her new podcast, Optimistically Depressed. From inspiring fellow depressed people, to her biggest fears, breaking down stigma, how & why she started, what her...

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Liam Neeson's Black Face | 059

Liam Neeson's Black Face | 059 Who doesn't love a juicy RACE convo? We would like to thank Liam Neeson's vigilante street justice to murder random "black bastards" and high fashion brands like Gucci & Prada for knowing how to evoke outrage in people of colour. We...

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HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA – A podcast born out of an all too familiar frustration; navigating life as an aspiring creative. How do you pay the bills? How do you grow? How did you get anywhere in this city? Well, Duane Jones, Terrence Taylor and Lauren Sears are set to give you a raw, unfiltered look at their journey. The trio’s new podcast, Changing the Narrative (CTN) seeks to shine a light on life as a creative, and provide an open forum for conversation about various topics through their eyes.

All three members of CTN are bound by similar ambition, passion, and goals, but all came from very different backgrounds. Terrence Taylor is a Las Vegas native and the owner of Terrence Taylor Media, an Atlantic Canadian video production company that pairs video storytelling and creative marketing strategies. Lauren Sears, co-founder Placemaking4G, has a goal to change the perspective of our “have not” Atlantic provinces. Duane Jones, owner of the clothing brand Art Pays Me is a Bermudian born graphic designer who is an established figure in the Halifax’s fashion scene. “Terrence is the great connector” says Jones. “We had talked about doing a podcast at some point”. Coincidently all three met separately over the past year and it all began to come together.


Terrence Taylor

Terrence Taylor was born in Las Vegas, Nevada but has spent half of his life in Atlantic Canada. The 30 year old is the founder of Terrence Taylor Media, a social enterprise video production company that creates video content to showcase the stories of brands, businesses and entrepreneurs.

He is also videographer at Common Good Solutions. Terrence believes that in order to become better versions of ourselves, we must challenge each other, become more comfortable saying “I don’t know” and continually seek self-reflection.

His goal on the show is to encourage authenticity and facilitate the conversation to challenge co-hosts, guests and listeners their own personal narratives.

Ezabriell Fraser

Ezabriell Fraser is a married father of three, and was born in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

He graduated from Prince Andrew High School in 2008. Shortly after graduation, he pursued carpentry as a full-time career, and is currently working towards his Red Seal certification.

He picked up photography as a hobby in 2010, and in late 2017, became more serious about it.

Briell has worked with a number of people, including CTN Podcast, BBI (Black-2-Business Initiative), and HostOften.

Lauren Sears

Co-Founder of Placemaking4G and Director of Business Development for Common Good Solutions

Sandra C. Hannebohm

Sandra has been writing about politics and race since before she went to journalism school.

After studying at the University of King’s College she launched an independent news agency with founder and fellow graduate, Tunde Balogun. As a small team of ambitious black journalists and volunteers, they practice community-based investigative journalism through visual storytelling, focusing on common issues facing the North American diaspora.

She reported on a range of topics from health-care reports, to racism in the workplace, to the rise of Korean pop music. She also wrote and hosted podcasts featuring candid, post-career interviews with each of the African Nova Scotian MLAs who served in the legislature before 2013.

Sandra believes in the power of independent and new media in all its forms, especially creative projects that dare to break rules and expose human vulnerability with compassion.

Duane Jones

Founder of Art Pays Me, Glitterati Communications and Manager, Records and Information Management at Dalhousie University.

Duane immigrated to Halifax from Bermuda in 2001 to attend the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. He is a married father of two, with degrees in Art, Communication Design and Information Management.

He’s passionate about challenging traditional thinking when it comes to gender, race, business and art.

Parvathy Nair

An executive recruiter by day and creative by night, Parvathy is all things artsy fartsy.

A highly dedicated individual, she stands for everything CTN is all about, putting a spotlight on creatives & the great things they do.

Not just a bubbly personality or fresh looks, Parvathy helps the CTN crew with production and social media.

Mike Tanner

Mike is a full-time stay at home father of two and founder of OneRedCat Media, a digital agency in Halifax focused on organic content. 

He is a serial podcaster and content consultant and when he’s not building a website, launching a brand, or writing a blog, he can be found playing board games or folding himself into surprising yoga poses. 

Mike helps the CTN team create and distribute content.



Post-script: “The body and babies, and stuff”

Ruth McMullen was married at 19 years old, and had kids by 23. She says when you’re young and married, children seem like the obvious next step – then you realize you just ruined your life. In practical terms, until the moment the baby is born your life is your own....

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