To Be Continued… | 072

Welcome back after TWO weeks away to share with you some BIG news! This week we talk about what happened the last couple weeks and answered the question, "What is the a future of the CTN Podcast?". We also talk about the North Preston documentary, When They See Us,...

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Changing It Up | 071

This week Terrence and Jess catch you up on all things CTN, Halifax and life. We recap this weekends REMIX Project, Terrence's Nipsey Hussle tattoo, Kawai Leonard, trips to London and how to guide your team when you're out of town. We also preview new developments...

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Tranquility & Mental Health ft. Joel Muise | 070

Tranquility & Mental Health ft. Joel Muise | 070 This week we welcome Joel Muise is to talk about the launch of his new app, Tranquility Online. Tranquility is a platform that provides coaching and resources to those suffering from depression and anxiety. We also...

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The Elephant in the Room

The Elephant in the Room So things are changing and we haven't addressed them. Yes, I know and I'm sorry! Today Terrence puts an end to the mystery and rumours going on behind the scenes at CTN. We address downsizing the team, identifying 4 narratives of focus,...

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We’re making a few changes. For now, no more picture shows but we’ll be back soon with some brand new funk.


The project to build CTN started a year and a half ago, and a lot has changed since we started. What began as a podcast about personal stories is now about the guests Terrence Taylor interviews and their experiences.

From growing up as a Black person in North End Halifax, to teaching student athletes from marginalized communities the importance of education, the goal of all episodes is to be informative. Changing The Narrative will continue to grow with the communities that we serve.


Terrence Taylor

Terrence Taylor was born in Las Vegas, Nevada but has spent half of his life in Atlantic Canada. The 30 year old is the founder of Terrence Taylor Media, a social enterprise video production company that creates video content to showcase the stories of brands, businesses and entrepreneurs.

He is also videographer at Common Good Solutions. Terrence believes that in order to become better versions of ourselves, we must challenge each other, become more comfortable saying “I don’t know” and continually seek self-reflection.

His goal on the show is to encourage authenticity and facilitate the conversation to challenge co-hosts, guests and listeners their own personal narratives.

Ezabriell Fraser

Ezabriell Fraser is a married father of three, and was born in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

He graduated from Prince Andrew High School in 2008. Shortly after graduation, he pursued carpentry as a full-time career, and is currently working towards his Red Seal certification.

He picked up photography as a hobby in 2010, and in late 2017, became more serious about it.

Briell has worked with a number of people, including CTN Podcast, BBI (Black-2-Business Initiative), and HostOften.

Mike Tanner

Mike is a full-time stay at home father of two and founder of OneRedCat Media, a digital agency in Halifax focused on organic content. 

He is a serial podcaster and content consultant and when he’s not building a website, launching a brand, or writing a blog, he can be found playing board games or folding himself into surprising yoga poses. 

Mike helps the CTN team create and distribute content.